Voice Tips

Useful to verify if a customer sounds like the expected purchaser and name matches on file. This method thwarts any spoofing of numbers as it directly calls the number provided. It is useful as it allows the customer to choose the time and place to receive a phone call. Once connected, the customer will need to speak their name and a random code to confirm themselves. While this method might not replace an actual conversation with a fraud analyst, it does provide enough insight to detect most fraudsters.

It is also more convenient for customers as they can complete it at any time with no wait. Listen to the recording to understand if the person speaks naturally and in the language expected. The accent alone does not determine fraud, but the trend of some Slavic accents such as Russian when the order name was Spanish could require careful analysis. Many fraudsters will not complete this verification for fear of identification. The time of day completed also is essential to ensure their expected timezone. Lastly, the gender and age may be deduced from the voice. In cases where a child uses a parent’s card, it can be detected by their voice.