Phone / SMS Tips

Useful to verify to find out if their name and other information matches their phone number file. Each number is unique, and the data available varies. The USA and Canada’s numbers provide the most data. It is important the number also is owned and active by the person as many fraudsters will simply use tools to provide a phone number that matches the other identity information. The below data and risk factors may need to be adjusted accordingly to your business.

  • Personal Name - Useful to see if the name matches your file. Important to check the entire list of names as numbers can be shared by households or data inaccurate.
  • Business Name - Useful to check for business transactions.
  • Carrier - Certain carriers exhibit more fraud than others. In the USA, Verizon and AT&T have been better versus an operator such as Boost Mobile.
  • Line Type Landline, Mobile, VOIP. VOIP sometimes can mean more risk since it is easier to obtain by fraudsters.
  • Prepaid? - Prepaid numbers sometimes raise risk levels.
  • Age Range - Useful to compare to typical demographics of your customers and the expected age of the customer.
  • Address - Useful to compare locations of IPs and other data about the user. Zip, state, and more work. Latitude and longitude can be populated into your fraud system to better track patterns.
  • Phone Start Date - Useful to determine if the customer recently activated a phone, and older numbers tend to be more trustworthy.